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Fee Structure
Flexible options based on level of play. The following matrix is a simple and easy to select from:

Kids (Age up to 16 years)
Level Hrs/Week Rs./Month
Munchkin Beginners 3 2700.00
Junior Intermediate/Senior Beginner 4 3500.00
Junior Advanced/Senior Intermediate 6 5000.00
Advanced 12 10000.00
One time registration of Rs 1500/-

Level Total Hrs Rs./Month Remarks
Beginners 30 5500.00 Includes 20 hrs. of coaching & 10 hrs. of free playing time, to be completed within 2 months
Intermediate 20 4500.00 Includes 10 hrs. of coaching & 10 hrs. of free playing time, to be completed within 1 month
Advanced 18 3750.00 Includes 8 hrs. of coaching and 10 hrs. of free playing time, to be completed within 1 month
One time registration of Rs 1000/-

Members - Just to Play:
Period Fees
1 Month 3000.00
3 Months 8,000.00
6 Months 15,000.00
Annual 25,000.00
5 Years 50,000.00
One time registration of Rs 1000/-. Various options from 1 month to 5 years are available.

* Fees subject to revision at the discretion of the Academy

Rules and Regulations (for all Players & Students)
o  Players must wear proper tennis attire and & non-marking tennis shoes.

o  Please avoid walking across courts during play. Always walk closer to the wall. Do not lean or pull on the nets.

o  Do not hit stray balls or swing your racquets while walking across the courts as you might end up injuring someone.

o  Do not litter on or around the courts. No smoking /consumption of alcohol within academy premises.

o  Parents and Guardians of students are requested not to enter the courts during coaching sessions.

o  Safety is of paramount importance, however it is physical sport - please ensure to follow simple and common sense safety norms -
  • Push the ball towards net or the toe walls so that you are not stepping on the ball 
  • Not standing near the player taking drills
  • Do not wave the rackets or hit the ball randomly
  •  Any ailments do not play if not comfortable, especially someone with a heart condition or any other prior injuries till the doctor advises to play

Contact Office for details on following programs
o  Happy Hours program

o  One-on-one program

o  Ladies special program

o  Specially structured programs


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