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U16 TS7 for Boys and Girls - Tournament week 17.12.2018 Completed!

Great matches, top seed in Boys, Gowin won and in Girls the upcoming young player Amodini won!


U14 TS7 for Boys and Girls Completed!

U16 CS3 for Boys and Girls Completed!

Boys Winner - Rupesh
Boys Runner-up - Pranav

Girls Winner - Amodini
Girls Runner-up - Riyah

U16 TS7 for Boys and Girls Completed!

As always happens in Tennis, lot of matches with high emotions, great rallies, unbelievable winners!

The boys final was a thrilling, sad there has to be a winner as both boys fought really well!

Boys and Girls Winners/Runner-up!

U14 TS7 for Boys and Girls Completed!

Boys and Girls Winners and Runner-up!

CS3 U18 for Boys and Girls - 01.09.2018 to 03.09.2018!

CS3 U18 for big Boys and Girls will start on 01.09.2018!

Tournament completed, results as below:
  • Girls Winner : Reshma Murari
  • Girls Runner-up : Lakshanya V
  • Boys Winner : Manish G
  • Boys Runnerup : Amit Rout

Talent Series 7 for Boys and Girls - Week of 20.08.2018!

Completed Boys and Girls AITA U16 TS7 in the week of 20.Aug.

There were tough matches, good tennis talent on show!

Play Hard, Play Fair & Play for Fun!!!

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Talent Series 7 for Boys and Girls - week of 16.07.18!

Monsoon at it's peak, let's have Tennis!
Qualifiers - 14.07 and 15.07

Main Draw starts on 16.07.

Congratulations to Shyam Kolegudu and Yashas Kiran for the Boys Doubles Crown!!!

CS3 U16 - Boys & Girls
23rd, 24th & 25th June 2018

Boys Winner - Rahul Dutt
Girls Winner - Suhita Murari
All India Ranking U18 CS3 starts on 19th May 2018!

U18 CS3 All india Ranking tournament completed on 21st May. This is the first of the series this year and many more exciting events planned throughout the year 2018.

More Tennis for ALL!

Boys Singles Winner Ashwin Bhat & Runner up Aaron Raj.

Girls Singles Winner Sanjukta V & Runner up Koushika R V

Boys Doubles Winner Ninaad Ravi & Akarsh Gaonkar 
Boys Doubles Runner up Akhilesh Kesava & Rahul Dutt

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants.
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All India Men's 50K Tournament!

Pleased to conduct Men's 50K tournament. It is with great passion and big picture of tennis bringing this. In a small effort to bring in the tournament close to this part and benefit more players!

Play hard, play for fun!!! Let Tennis win....
Double Whammy for Sheikh Iftikhar, Wins both Singles and Doubles! 

Congratulations to the Winner and Runner-up!
28.12.2017 - Doubles Winners & Runner-up!
Congratulations to all !!!
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All India U-14 Talent Series 7!

Happy to announce starting 20th May 2017, U-14 Talent Series 7 will be conducted at our academy.

Looking forward to an exciting week of Tennis, passionate Tennis from Boys and Girls. Let's Play!

Note: In the best interest online registration facility was available but there were few entries which did not provide any relevant details post transfer. If in case it is missed we are not responsible.

Please see the qualifying draw for Boys and Girls on 20.05.2017 also on
Events @ Nammasportz
U-14 AITA Talent Series
Successfully completed the Tournament on 23-Oct-2014

"Namma" Series - weekend Tournament
"Namma" Series weekend tournament for adults initiated with great enthusiasm. Tennis game being brutal to the players, in the sense, you lose a match and you are out of the tournament, this tournament is conducted with an initial round robin matches followed by the knock out matches. After the editions throughout the year the top-8 will play the year ending "Namma" Top-8
Match Series @ NammaSportz
Match series completed.
Exciting Tennis matches with the best of 3 sets was played by over 3 weeks. Matches were intriguing to say the least, very competitive and offered quality Tennis for all to watch. The format was exhaustive and with busy professionals playing Tennis, this pilot series eventually helped in creating a new format called "Namma" Series.
Cardio Tennis @ NammaSportz
Cardio Tennis for adults was conducted at the Academy.
Tennis has been popular sport to develop fitness programs for adults who would like to know the basics of the game but the key theme is fitness. Cardio Tennis was conducted for adults from ages 20+ to 65 years who not only enjoyed the session but loved to have more of this.
Fun Games @ Namma Sportz
Fun Games for the Kids was organised at the Academy with participation from many Kids with the age group of 6-16 years.
As always kids love to play and learn. With this intention Tennis was introduced not only to teach the skills of the game but to have the all important factor "FUN". The smiling kids is a testimony for the sheer joy of learning Tennis.
Inauguration of
Inauguration of the Tennis Academy.
"Namma" stands for "Our", the academy was inaugurated by the passionate folks along with elders and well wishers. Truly the center of this academy is "Tennis" and everything else will revolve around this. The event was well organized and attended. 

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